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Killa Hands Arts Collective,

is a collaboration of multi-disciplinary artists,

coming together

to share their collective art & performances.

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Killa Hands Arts Collective began in 2017 with the sole purpose of exhibiting ceramics. Unlike the name suggests "Kil" means clay in Turkish and "Killa Hands" on top of meaning talented hands in slang, phonetically sounds like "hands with clay" in turko-english manner. Realizing this during a pot making session with friends, the name came to be what it is today. The "arts collective" part was added without a reason at first, because there was only 1 artist. However that maybe a sign from life itself for the things to come.


Before the year was over, it was decided that we'd organize our first event, This Is Your World. An art exhibition with workshops, music, and an after party. Having many artist friends in our entourage, the idea was that exhibiting all our works together with the right setting might boost public engagement and our morale as artists. From this first act Killa Hands was born, with a view, a message, and beautiful souls to relay that message through their art and demeanor. Since then Killa Hands organized several exhibitions, parties, workshops, concerts and performances. Some of which in collaboration with like-minded organizations; Killa Hands created venues in all around Turkey, from top the top of mountains to the middle of Taksim Square.



We believe art is

artists expression of self and environment. Every artist journeys through their own cretion process, which requires personal growth and a space to be inspired and supported to create. That is what we strive to provide at Killa Hands Arts Collective; 

nurturing ideas, connecting artists, providing a sincere environment. If you’re looking for partners in your artistic journey, look no further; 

we’re here


we can create together!

#DatcaAktur Sörf Okulu'nda düzenlemiş ol


Our design parameters consist of absorbing the participants into a psychedelic world of decor by creating a highly stimulating ambiance by use of what is available on location. Along with multi-sensory, multi-disciplinary performances we hope to dazzle the participants out of their previous selves and into a new understanding of what life may hold at the most unexpected locations.

This is in essence what art does; relays the message of the artist in an unexpected way, even if that message is "not having a message". The transmission of the message between artist and artee (as in the consumer of art) does not matter; the message translates according to each viewers perspective and experience of the concept; each participant takes what is necessary for them personally. The nature of art in this sense is a reenactment of Lifes behavior. The translation of meaning into an infinity of understanding where the message is never lost and miscommunication is communication.

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