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Ayça continually penetrates deep into our psyche, a powerful blow of emotions at first glance then a flow of layers of introspection into social instances and self. In her art there is a dark nature, either making use of black voids or illustrating difficult situations people face in social life and psychology, through analogical description of these cases. In that, she plays a key role in artistic society to inspect these moments through her eyes as educated in psychology takes notice to behaviours where individuals fail to see themselves. She makes use of mixed media such as; dry paint, pastel and markers onto paper. Her works maybe in a series showing different angles of a scene or persona or singular works of art focusing on a single situation. Also she designs for musicians,  sometimes creating a work of art as an album cover or each track.  


Some of her works have been lost to Vandalism Please check out this page we created to show her your support!

If you prefer you can view the collection side by side down below.

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