She has her hands involved in many projects, Kristal is the binding force among people for various groups. Aside from bringing talented people together, she is gifted in many areas herself.

She is an acknowledged DJ performing around the globe as "Oxomo" and an organizer of in-door parties, electronic music festivals along with art galleries, workshops and cinema. Bringing sorts of visual & performence artists, djs and producers together internationally, inthat she is one of the few people in Turkey able to keep the psychedelic fire burning and entertaining a subculture of people with niche artistic desires, lately under the name "The Dark Code". 

She also creates fascinating collages that instantly put you in thought. Also making them in 3D, piecing little things togetheer in curious and imaginative ways. Her creativity knows no bounds still with hand-made accessories & decorations by the name "Crystal Effect" and "BixBite". We as Killa Hands team are overjoyed to showcase her art and accessories in Killa Gallery and Shop.