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Welcome to the stringy world of Musap. The difficult challenges attached with string art require a certain kind of mental discipline with qualities such as patience and most importantly dedication. There can be up to 500 nails per one of Musap's pieces and this is before all of them are connected and intertwined with strings. In preparation to each of his works, Musap draws the connections on his laptop, searching for the pattern he imagines from many digital alternates to reach the pattern he desires.

Even after all is done and a work completed; if an improved design comes to mind, he is keen to jump right on and re-do all the strings, connecting them in a new way or with different material. This is the head-on approach that Musap utilizes when confronting difficult situations, even if it means endangering himself from time to time. 
Although he just recently joined Killa Hands he has already  assisted us as much as he can in several occasions and became an integer part of the team. We are grateful for his addition and welcome his artwork exhibited below. 




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If you prefer you can view the collection side by side down below.

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